It's Been Decided

Over the next month I'll be slowly moving all of my stories from my website to my ao3 account. As soon as I finish, I'll be deleting my website. I have already gotten rid of all of the journal entries here on my LJ that used to link back to my website.

For those who follow my LJ or are subscribed to my website, I would recommend subscribing to my ao3 account, because I will be no longer updating either of these choices. I'm pulling out of the fandom world, at least as much as I have been in it. I'll still be writing some fanfiction, including finishing As the Stars Fall and writing a fic for Keira Marcos' hosted Naked NaNo in April, but don't expect much from me.

Thanks for everyone who has continued to support me from the beginning to now. If you have any questions, you can always email me at flitterflutterandfly[at]gmail.com

Important Question for My Readers

I've been thinking about this for a while now and I really need some opinions.

I'm considering getting rid of my website (flitterflutterandfly.com). Now, don't worry, I won't just up and get rid of all my stories. I would post them ALL on ao3, unlike the few I have right now. 

Now... the reason for this is thricefold: a) my website does cost money, whilst websites like ao3 are free, b) it's kind of annoying that every time I post a story, I have to, or have set up that I do, post it, basically, in three places (my website, ao3, and the teaser on LJ), c) I'm trying to cut back on my fanfiction writing and it doesn't make as much sense for me to keep my website up when I won't post on it for a couple months or something like that.

And I am sorry, for all of my loyal followers and fans, that I am planning on cutting back on fanfiction. The thing is, I'm moving onto real world publishing and while I won't be one of those authors that never writes fanfiction again, because I do love writing fanfiction, I'll be A LOT slower about it.

Now, I don't know how many of my fans read my LJ. I don't tend to get a lot of comments here. But I really really do want opinions on this matter. So please, let me know what you thinK!

J2 Bang Graphics

Wow, my first Real Person Fiction tag. Yes, for those that don't know, I'm a J2 fan.

(I'm gonna be honest with you though, I don't consider it RPF/RPS because Jensen and Jared have been used as CHARACTERS within Supernatural. Lol, but I'm adding a RPF tag anyways).

Anyways, I did art for this amazing story Rattling Your Locks by cherie_morte.

It's a J2 slave!fic with alpha/omega dynamics, but sweet and adorable and the angst isn't too heavy nor is it too light so... you guys should all read it because this fic is awesome!!!

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Go read it now! And tell me what you think of the graphics~

H's Werewolf Bang Art

Another art set for a big bang! This one was for the story No Other Star, a Teen Wolf/Harry Potter fusion with Derek/Stiles mostly Pre-Slash. This story is a sequel and I would suggest reading the first story, well, first, but it's awesome so that's no big deal. Check those stories out!

Warning: the last graphic contains a bit of blood.

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Let me know what you think!

Small Fandom - Die Hard Graphics

The first of what is going to be a long chain of graphics and stories for the gillions of bangs I signed up for. So...

I was an artist for the smallfandombang and the story I claimed was Of Ex-Wives, In-Laws, and Other Misadventures by severina2001. I worked in collaboration with another artist, ceares, and all three of us (including Sev) had great fun working on this project. 

I did a front and back cover and four dividers. ceares did chapter titles and icons, that art can be found here.

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Go read the story (cause it's awesome) and let me know what you think of the art~